Vapefly 48Pcs 8 in 1 Coil Set


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Product introduction
Vapefly 8 in 1 Coils are specially made for vapers who have many different coils but don't know how to keep and catogorize them. This coil box can solve your trouble very easily and itself is very easy to carry when travelling. 

6x Mix Twisted Coil, resistance: 0.45ohm
6x Hive Coils, resistance: 0.5ohm
6x Tiger Coils, resistance: 0.36ohm
6x Clapton Coils, resistance: 0.36ohm
6x Quad Coils, resistance: 0.36ohm
6x Fused Clapton Coils, resistance: 0.45ohm
6x Alien Clapton Coils, resistance: 0.45ohm
6x Flat Twisted Coils, resistance: 0.36ohm

Package includes:
1x Vapefly 48Pcs 8 in 1 Coils

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