Ruthless Collection - Paradize - 120ml


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Ruthless Paradize vape juice is a vivid experience of tropical fruit flavors that are balanced to perfection. From the first vape hit a wave of fresh passion fruit and luscious pear hits your taste buds. The following notes of juicy peach are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. This e-juice is a perfect tag-along for short summertime trips to the beach or partying on the sand on your vacation getaway. Fans of sweet and slightly tart flavors will love this vape.

Our expert vape mixologists spent hours creating this e-liquid. Formulating countless flavor samples that ultimately led to the creation of one of the best fruit medleys in the industry. If you are looking for a truly refreshing vape that also has a flavor unlike anything out in the market, you found it. Paradize is a unique flavor that is sure to be a contender for your next all day vape.

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