Lost Vape - Ultra Boost UB Lite Replacement Coils


Type: 0.4ohm 20-30W
Sale price$18.95


Those UB Lite Coils are perfectly compatible with Lost Vape UB Lite 30W Kit.

Brand: Lost Vape
Unit: 5pcs/pack
Resistance: L5 1.4ohm, L3 0.8ohm, L1 0.4ohm
Package: Simple Packing

  • UB Lite L1 Coil
    • 0.4ohm Resistance
    • 20-30W
    • Meshed Coil
    • 5pcs / pack
  • UB Lite L3 Coil
    • 0.8ohm Resistance
    • 12-17W
    • Meshed Coil
    • 5pcs / pack
  • UB Lite L6 Coil
    • 1.0ohm Resistance
    • 10-15W
    • Meshed Coil
    • 5pcs / pack

Lost Vape UB Lite Coil

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