Coil Father X9 Vape Tool Kit


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The Coil Father X9 Tool Kit is a multi-functional tool kit for DIY. It includes Cutter, Cutter smaller size, DIY Coil Jig, Ceramic Tweezer, SS Tweezer, Screw Driver, Cleaning Brush. X9 Tool Kit will bring great convenience to your DIY vaping.

Brand: Coil Father
Unit: 1 Set
Material: Canvas, Plastic, Zinc Alloy
Size: 155mm * 115mm * 55mm
Package: Simple Packing

Each set contain:
1pc Cutter
1pc Cutter smaller size
2pc Screwdrivers
1pc Clean Brush
1pc Ceramic Tweezers
1pc Stainless Tweezers
1pc Coiling Jig

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