Avatar INR 26650 High-drain Li-ion Battery 30A 4200mAh


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Avatar INR 26650 Battery is a high performance rechargeable lithium battery with 30A continuous discharge current and 60A peak discharge current. It can be used with various 26650 devices. 4200mAh capacity.

Avatar INR 26650 4200mAh High-drain Battery, a high performance rechargeable lithium battery, made for high discharge current applications, enough to run various 26650 devices. Application: Electronic Cigarette, LED flashlight, medical machinery, wireless communication, camera, notebook and other digital products, many electronic products etc.


Product: Avatar INR 26650 Battery


Capacity: 4200mAh

Voltage: 3.7V

Size: 65mm(L)x 26mm(D)

Max Continuous Discharge current: 30A (29.4A)

Max Discharge current: 60A

It comes with

  • 1 x Avatar ICR 18650 2000mAh High-drain Battery

Avatar INR 26650 4200mAh High-drain Battery - 7C 30A

INR Li-ion 3.7V 4200mAh

After more than 300 cycles, the power still remain 80%

Light weight and higher energy density than any rechargeable battery

Installed IC chip will prevent the battery pack from over charge and over discharge.

Installed poly switch will cut off power if battery discharge current more than 6.6Ah

Perfect for building up battery pack for medical equipment Back-up or EPS Emergency Power

Supply which requires compact size and lighter weight

The battery module is wrap by PVC

Avatar INR 26650 4200mAh High-drain Battery - 7C 30A

  • Li-Ion Batteries may explode if you do not charge or discharge them properly.
  • Users must have knowledge on how to charge and discharge Li-Ion batteries before making Li-Ion Battery Packs. We are NOT responsible for any damage that is caused by the misuse of Li-Ion Batteries.
  • Fully charge before first use.
  • For shipping and clearance, it might be shipped in box with 2500mAh printed, but actually it's Avatar INR 26650 4200mAh High-drain Battery - 7C 30A inside the box.

Avatar INR 26650 4200mAh High-drain Battery - 7C 30A

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