Alpinetop eMATCH Ceramic Lighter


Colour: Black
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As the first electronic ceramic lighter, Alpinetop eMATCH is of high compatibility with most vaping MODs on the market. The stirring rod allows for ease of stirring your material while you’re on TO-GO Tank Mode.

Say hello to Alpinetop eMATCH Ceramic Lighter! It is for cut tobacco lovers. The eMATCH is compatible with almost all vaping devices with a 510 thread. You will experience the best flavor from 30 to 50W in power. The detachable design makes the eMATCH easy to disassemble. The glass mouthpiece provides the purest flavor too. The specially-designed stirring rod allows you to stir your material while you're on the to-go Tank Mode too. With a ceramic heated rod, eMATCH offers a clean taste and none of the harmful health effects of vaping with lighter fuel, hemp material or other gasses.

Alpinetop eMATCH Ceramic Lighter


Size: 20 x 50.8mm

Connection: 510 thread

Wattage Range: 30 - 50W

Coil Resistance: 0.3ohm

Color: Black

Alpinetop eMATCH Ceramic Lighter

The first electronic ceramic lighter

High compatibility with most 510-thread MODs

Ceramic heated rod with no harmful health effects

Glass mouthpiece for purest flavor easy cleaning

Specially-designed rod allows for easy stirring

Alpinetop eMATCH Ceramic Lighter

It comes with

  • 1 x eMATCH
  • 3 x Extra O Rings
  • 1 x Water Pipe Adaptor
  • 1 x Spare Quartz Glass Chamber

Alpinetop eMATCH Ceramic Lighter

  • It doesn't come with tobacco, please buy them separately.
  • 510 thread

Alpinetop eMATCH Ceramic Lighter

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